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A cost-effective solution for repairing minor damage.

Schmick Scratch & Dent Assist is Australia and New Zealand’s largest, most cost-effective and convenient solution for repairing minor scrapes, scratches and dents on motor vehicles.
We employ industry qualified tradesmen and use the latest in Small Accident Repair Technology so you can rest assured in the knowledge that your vehicle is in excellent hands.

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Bumper Before Bumper After

Bumper Bar Scrapes & Scratches

Repair one scratch or scrape up to 500mm in length and 20mm in depth by repairing and painting (excludes non-painted textured plastic bumper bars, metal bumper bars, lights decals and any incident that has caused structural damage).
Deep Scratch Before Deep Scratch After

Deep Scratch or Dent on Vertical Panel

Repair a single scratch or dent with paint damage larger than 3mm and less than 60mm in diameter and 10mm in depth on a vertical painted metal panel by repairing and painting (excludes roof, bonnet, bootlid and tailgate and damage on a style line).
surface scratch before surface scratch after

Surface Marks or Scratches

Repair surface scratches on up to 4 panels that have not cut through the clear coat using professional cutting compounds and process.
pressure dent before pressure dent after

Pressure Dents

Repair one pressure dent up to 60mm in diameter on any flat panel where the paint has not been chipped or damaged (excludes dents on style lines and metal folds).
Alloy Wheel Before Alloy Wheel After

Alloy Wheel Scrapes – Machine Finished Wheels

Repair one alloy wheel scratch or scrape by repairing damaged area, colour match, respraying and blending. Machine finished wheels may lose the fine machine lines (excludes chrome, high polish and mirror finished wheels or where there is damage to a pin stripe).
Mirror Casings Before Mirror Casings After

Mirror Casings Scuffs & Scrapes

Repair and paint scratches or scuffs on side mirror casing (excludes chrome finished casings, lights and indicator lenses).
Body Kit Scuffs Before Body Kit Scuffs After

Body Kit Scuffs & Scrapes

Repair and paint one scratch or scrape up to 500mm in length and 20mm in depth on a plastic spoiler, side skirts and bumper strip (excludes damage requiring painting to the horizontal surface of a spoiler).
Alloy Wheel 2 Before Alloy Wheel 2 After

Alloy Wheel Scrapes

Scuffs and Scrapes on one alloy wheel – no size limit (excludes chrome and high polished wheels or damage to a pin stripe)
Interior Repairs Before Interior Repairs After

Interior Leather & Vinyl Tears

Repair one tear on leather, vinyl seats or arm rests up to 80mm in length and 5mm in width (excludes parted seams, or damage to instrumentation panel, headliner or to steering wheel).
Windscreen Repairs Before Windscreen Repairs After

Windscreen Chips

Repair a single stone chip on the front windscreen, up to a maximum diameter each of 5mm in the Critical Vision Area and 20mm outside the Critical Vision Area (excludes damage where a replacement is recommended under the Australian & New Zealand Safety Standard).

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only $50 each!*