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The service area is the geographic area where Schmick will travel to do repairs. This is typically the greater metropolitan area of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth and some larger regional cities. Check if your postcode is within our service area.

You simply need to come back into the service area to have a repair done.

No. Providing it is not used commercially or as a tool of trade. i.e. courier, taxi, tradesman work Ute.

Unlimited during the term of your membership, each minor repair will just cost the current low repair fee of $50.

Simple – just 3x the current repair fee. For example, if the current repair fee is $50 it will cost you $150.

It’s easy! There are three simple ways to request a repair:

On completion of the repair work either by VISA or MasterCard.

Schmick Club will make the final assessment and discuss with you once we have viewed the requested repair.

No, the repair fee(s) are only incurred once a repair is completed.

Suitable Workspace
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For a Schmick technician to attend your home or office, we will require the following specifications to ensure we are able to carry out a repair for you:
  • Access to power within 20 metres
  • Garage or private driveway
  • Car port with no car parked directly in front or behind you
  • Minimum 3 metres clear around the area that needs to be repaired
  • No second vehicle parked directly next to your vehicle
Where We Cannot Complete Repairs

Schmick are unable to complete paint repairs for the following locations:

  • Undercover car parks or ground level body corporate car parks
  • On street parking
  • Wash bay or detailing bay


Bookings are made between Monday and Friday, excluding public holidays.

If you do not possess a suitable workspace, we would suggest trying to arrange a location with a friend or family member.

*For full details, refer to Membership Terms & Conditions.